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A simple Water Alarm could save you ££££'s....


Did you know that each year more properties are damaged by Water than Fire?


Every year thousands of people suffer the anguish and upset of a burst or leaking pipe, often this goes unnoticed for days even weeks until it's too late and serious damage has been done. 


Placing a simple cost effective Water Alarm (£10.00 fitted) could save you hundreds in insurance claim excesses, prevent water damage to precious personal items and belongings and save upset and frustration at the damage caused.   


FMC - Water Detector/Alarm:


Every year water leaks from burst pipes, leaking washing machines, hoses, water & waste pipes, dishwashers etc, cause serious damage to homes and personal belongings when much of this could be easily prevented with the simple addition of an inexpensive Water Detector Alarm. 


This portable alarm can be used to protect your house and can be placed anywhere in the home where a water leak presents a potential risk; near or under sinks, baths, basins, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, fridge/freezers, garages and basements or areas were water may gather with the potential of causing serious damage.

A loud alarm will sound when this unit comes into contact with water, providing an loud audible warning that a leak has begun and alerting you so that preventative measures can be taken to protect your home and belongings.


Portable & suitable for any room

Install (supplied) battery and forget about it
Loud piercing alarm
No wiring required.
PP3 alkaline battery included.






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