Every few weeks we will bring you some very special offers, these could be on essential products for the home or discounted services.  

Special Offers

warmlite (2).jpg
Warmlite Portable Heater

This compact portable heater plugs directly into any electrical socket - no cables, just plug it in and you have instant heat.  Its innovative ceramic technology ensures it stay cool to the touch with adjustable temperature control, digital display and a programmable timer. Its also energy efficient with just 500w

PTC element. Instead of heating the whole house, heat the room you are in. Ideal for any room, office space, shed, garage etc.


  £15.49 (normally £39.99)  

CO2 Alarms

It's estimated that between 30 - 50 people die each year from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, with many more injured from unknowingly inhaling this colourless and odourless gas.


Installing a carbon monoxide detector, and ensuring  that other appliances are properly fitted and maintained will help to keep your home and family safe.


We will install a new 'sealed for life' CO2 Carbon Monoxide Detector ask for details

LED GU10 Bulbs

With the same brightness of a 35-watt & 50-watt GU10 bulb, these 'A-rated' 4 & 5-watt LED GU10 bulbs provide fantastic costs savings year on year.   


  • A-rated with 25,000 hours average life span

  • Excellent energy saving and long life.

  • Full instant light, no waiting for them to warm up 

  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee

  • Warm White

  • Direct Replacement for 35-watt Halogen GU10

  • Low 4-watt power consumption with equivalent 35-watt Halogen GU10



Images are for illustration purposes only and produt may differ slightly in appearance. Offers available for a limited & conditions may apply. Domestic properties only, Please enquire for further details.